Heal The Body From The Outside In

A fully integrative Yoga Studio providing exploration into the unifying practices of movement, breath and meditation.

Our mission is to support, uplift, and inspire each student to be the truest expression of their best self. Be Tru… Be You.

Hi, I’m Victoria.


Growing up in an active home and being involved in sports + gymnastics at a young age, Victoria continued her love of fitness by becoming a Zumba instructor and found joy in helping people achieve their fitness goals.

While continuing to push her fitness limits and leaving a full-time job at Mercedes- Benz to raise her children she found a way to feel great physically + mentally through yoga.

Victoria is registered with the Yoga Alliance and completed her 200hr training at Infinity Yoga. Victoria Ladd, now E-RYT 500 is founder of Be Tru Studios.

Before this she was lead instructor and operations director at Alkaline Wellness.  Victoria is a very knowledgeable instructor previously taught at some of Atlanta’s prestigious studios.  She has continued to further her studies with Kim Saunders, Jo Tastula, Sundar Balasubramania. She also practices Reiki regularly and completed her Level II training with Jessica Calderon.

Victoria now teaches Yoga Teacher Training educating others and sharing her passion and knowledge she has for Yoga. Other qualifications include a Pilates certification and is a certified Life Coach.

Victoria’s goal as a great yoga instructor is to make yoga accessible for all body types and all levels of experience. During the shutdown of the pandemic Victoria has worked hard creating an online platform to offer a way for her students to continue practicing yoga and still making yoga accessible for all her students.  Victoria’s classes are fun and inviting!  Expect to learn breath awareness with focus on alignment while connecting the physical body to the spiritual body.


“I loved my 1st experience with transformative breathing. Kelly and Victoria made the environment very relaxing and private. If you are curious about transformative breathing it is an amazing personal and emotional experience.”

Lindsey Johnson

“I did Victoria and Kelly’s first workshop and I really didn’t know what to expect. I thought it might be some yoga, some breathing exercises like I’ve done in normal yoga classes before, etc. I was completely blown away by what the experience actually gave me. In just two hours I had what I can truly describe as a transformational experience. These ladies know exactly what they are doing and their styles complement each other so perfectly. I want to do this workshop again and again, if you are on the fence absolutely do it. You will not regret it!”

Ashley Pepitone

“Yesterday we helped daddy put a shade cover on his tractor. It was not heavy, just bulky and took a few extra sets of hands. One of the nuts fell and bounced up under the tractor and was out of arm’s reach. So I got down on my hands and knees, shimmied my way under the tractor and was able to twist around and get the nut. Is this a big deal to you? Maybe not, but to me it’s priceless! When I got up and dusted myself off I said three words… thank you Victoria! Who is Victoria? She’s my yoga instructor! I’ve spent the last 6 weeks taking her beginning classes and what a difference it has made in my life! I am stronger! I am more flexible! I feel better and I look better! I have laughed at myself and been frustrated with myself but I’ve never been prouder of myself than I am right now! I am able to do my practice in the comfort of my own home, at my own pace, on my own schedule, at a VERY affordable price! (The first 7 days were free BTW!) I remember when the doctor told me that I needed a good vitamin regimen that my first thought was Thrive and when she said she wanted me to try yoga for strength and flexibility my first thought was Victoria! So thankful the two of them go hand in hand to improve my life!

Sheila Aultman

This month I had my one year anniversary of starting yoga!  I wasn’t totally out of shape but was definitely not in great shape.  MY A1C was in the pre-diabetic zone and I was overweight.  The big thing I could barely bend over and touch my toes and was plagued by hip and lower back pain.  I started working with Victoria Ladd in class and in person.  She first taught me the fundamentals of yoga.  This consisted of the right postures and breath work. As I progressed, we added endurance work and intermediate poses, all continually working on form.  Today one year later, my A1C has dropped  3 points. I have lost weight,  I have virtually no hip or back pain.  My stamina and energy are high.  I can do challenging postures and poses that I would have never thought I could do.  I will turn 60 this year and one of the main things Victoria has taught me is that I am never too old to continue to advance in yoga and to continue to challenge myself.  Victoria is a fantastic motivator, teacher and yogi!”

Margaret Allen

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