Improve Productivity + Happiness in the Office

Our Be Tru Corporate Yoga Program is specifically designed to improve overall wellness and physical health to optimize productivity of your employees.

Corporate employees can expect to reduce stress and tension, improve posture and body awareness to prevent further degeneration.

How we respond to stress can have a significant impact on our total health. Yoga can remove stress from the body and mind. It is important to stay in the parasympathetic state to prevent disease and illness.


Reduced stress, anxiety and fatigue

Improved concentration, focus and memory

Increased energy and resilience

Improved creative intelligence and motivation

Ability to make high speed accurate decisions

Ability to stay calm under pressure

Strengthens the immune system

Regulates and normalizes the blood pressure and up levels cardiovascular performance

Normalizes cholesterol and hormones

Improves sleep and relieves insomnia

Reduces addictive behaviors

Relieves asthma and allergy symptoms

Improves relationships through healthy body and mind as it attunes to a high point of sensitivity

A greater sense of wellbeing.


Work hours are long and we often work hunched over a computer. Book a session to feel better and work better.